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So you have a website but your customers can't find it? Your website is stuck on page 18 of Google? At SEO Brighton we can offer the solution to your search engine woes.

SEO is the process where by a website moves from lower down in the Search Engine results, to higher up in the results. It can mean the difference between a website receiving none, or literally tens of thousands of visitors. Consequently, SEO is very important if you want to generate any revenue for your business.

At SEO Brighton we have worked in SEO and Web Development for over 10 years, and discovered that there is no secret to how Google works, it works in a very fair and democratic way.

To get to the top of the Search Engines you need three things: Lots of great content, lots of links, likes, or shares, and well written code. If you can match this to your competitors and go a little bit further, you should be able to beat them to the number one spotĀ on Google. SEO is really just about making a great website.

If you are interested in getting your website to the top of Google with expert SEO consultancy, get in contact here or email us at [email protected]